Frequently Asked Questions

  1. HOST

    • Who can host a Virtual Private Concert?

      Anyone with an Internet connected computer or mobile device can host an event.

    • How many people can I invite?

      You can view up to 49 people on the screen at once but you can have up to 100 devices connected to an event but that includes the host and the performing artists. If you want to interact with everyone we recommend keeping the total to 49 or less.

    • How long should the event be?

      The event should be 1 to 1 ½ hours. It’s good to have 15 minutes prior to the artists beginning where all the guests can socialize and get caught up. It also gives people a chance to get comfortable with the video conferencing platform.

    • What kind of equipment do I need to have?

      You just need an Internet connected device. A phone or tablet will work but people often find the experience is more enjoyable on a laptop.

    • What apps or software (i.e. platforms) will I be using?

      We use the Zoom platform

    • Who decides which artist performs?

      The host selects the artist of their choosing when they create the event.

    • Can you help me promote the event? If so, how?

      We will provide a link you can share with your guests and an image you can use as part of your invite. You create the invite using the best approach for your guests. We suggest sending an email or creating a private Facebook event.

    • How much does it cost to host an event?

      The cost varies by musician and the length of time you book them for. If you want to share the cost you’ll need to organize that with your guests to recoup your costs. e.g. let them e-transfer a certain amount to you.

    • Can I sell tickets and/or collect donations?

      The initial version of the platform does not support this though we may add it at a later point. Currently if a host wishes to share the cost they will have to collect money from their friends directly using some other mechanism.

    • Will the event be open to the public?

      This is a private event but the link is public so only share the link with friends you want to attend and ask them not to share it without your permission. You can make the link public if you want to but only 100 people total will be able to join.

    • Where does all the money go?

      There is a 10% surcharge for each event that goes to covering the costs of the platform. The artist receives the entire booking amount they have requested.

    • How do I remove someone from the event, and when can I do that?

      The host will have controls during the event which allows them to remove anyone they don’t want attending. Once the event has started a host can block anyone else from entering. Events can also be started in a mode where the host admits or rejects each person as they connect.

    • Do we need to sit silently while the performance is happening?

      As a host you can mute all guests while the artist is performing. Guests can unmute themselves to sing along or applaud at the end of a song. You should encourage guests to express and enjoy themselves.

    • What if something goes wrong - how do I get support?

      We will have a staff member monitoring all Zoom meetings and we will provide a way to contact them. Zoom also provides a dedicated support line. You will need to provide your Zoom meeting ID to expedite things. This video describes the admin functions we can manage things with...


    • How can I attend a Virtual Private Concert?

      Someone who is hosting the party must provide you a link. That will take you to an event page with information about that event. On that page will be a link to a Zoom meeting. When the invite time arrives click that link from your computer or mobile device. You may need to install some Zoom software if you’ve never used Zoom before. After that you’ll arrive at the event and see your friends.

    • What do I need to have in order to attend (technically)?

      It’s a good idea to try a test meeting in advance by clicking here https://zoom.us/test Your computer or mobile device should have a webcam and microphone to allow you to interact with the other guests.

    • Does somebody I know have to invite me?

      Typically a host will invite people they know but there is nothing stopping you from attending an event where you don’t know anyone. You can choose to interact or remain muted with your webcam turned off if you just want to linger.

    • How much does it cost to attend?

      It is free to attend. The host has prepaid the artist performing.

    • How can I donate to the band or artist?

      On the event page there is a button that will allow you to tip to the musician.

    • What happens if the live stream gets cut off?

      You can reconnect to the event using the Zoom link on the event page.

    • How many people can attend a Virtual Private Concert?

      Up to 300 people may attend but we recommend the host limit the number to 49 to allow everyone to interact.

    • What should I do while the musician is playing?

      Typically you should mute yourself while the musician is playing but you can unmute yourself to sing along if you want. We recommend muting while the artist is performing and unmuting to applaud or chat with people. Sometimes it’s nice to unmute to sing along. While the event is running you can also text chat to the group or do private text chats to other guests.

  3. PLAY

    • What equipment (gear, software, etc.) do I have to have at home in order to perform?

      We recommend musicians use an M-Audio or similar audio interface that allows them to run their sound through a mixer with a direct feed to their computer. Also be sure to use the advanced settings in Zoom to enable original audio.

    • What kind of webcam do I need?

      A high quality webcam is helpful but a modern laptop webcam will be sufficient. If you have a good quality camera on your phone you can try using that as you webcam with a product like http://www.kinoni.com/ to get very high quality HD

    • How long should my sets be?


    • What should I charge?

      Charge what your time is worth and the quality of the product you are able to provide using your home studio setup. We recommend $100 to $300 per hour set.

    • Who is organizing the event (i.e. who’s the host)?

      You will receive the host contact information, both email and phone number so you can contact them prior to the show if needed.

    • Can I invite my own fans?

      You should get permission from the host. This is a private event you are playing.

    • I’m in a band - how do we perform as a group?

      With the social distancing protocols in place we only encourage bands to play together if the members already live together. You could try playing together remotely. We have heard of choirs practising over Zoom but you should test things out. There is typically delay which makes remote settings unworkable.

    • Will someone be able to help me set up (i.e., sound check, camera check)?

      We can provide someone if needed. There will be a member of staff monitoring all meetings and they can join if needed. You should have tested your setup well in advance of any paying gig with at least one test performance.

    • Will I need to promote this event?

      No. This is a private gig. You should treat it the same as if someone hired you to play in their home but you are remote.